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By Kids For Kids

This is a place for you to share who you are with others. Wrote a screenplay? Let’s see it. Been trying to create a song? Get some feedback. Making a website? Connect with others that can help. This is a place where you get to be you in all your glory. We have something for everyone. Check it out!

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We’ve laughed, cried, and been impressed. It took us a while, but we made a list of our favorite and most popular content. 

Live Stream Concept

Live Stream

This is where you’ll find live streaming videos and podcasts from out site influencers. You don’t want to miss these.

Web Designs

Web Designs

This is a list of websites created by our members that are worth visiting. These are amazing designs and deserve a shout out.

Content Creation

Creative Content

This is where you’ll find songs, stories, plays, art, and everything our followers concocted. We know you’ll love it.

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Gaming Controller

Love Gaming?

We love gaming too! This can’t really be a site for kids without a section on gaming. So here it is. Check out what hot and what’s not. We have videos, product reviews, news, and walkthroughs. 

Story Time

For those of you who like to read, we have a book club that meets online once a week. We select a group of books and then vote on one for the week. We accept recommendations, so let us know the name of the book you’ve been putting off reading. Join to receive the list and get the meeting schedule and link.



The Night I Followed the Dog


Comic Book

The Girl From the Sea



The Golden Compass



Before I fall



One of Us Is Lying



City of Saints & Thieves



The Shadow Cipher



Just Our Luck



The Catcher in the Rye

In the News

Ransomware, Sextortion, Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Malware, and Phishing are real dangers and are increasingly becoming more common. Learn how to protect yourself.

In this news segment, we go over the things you do online that may lead to a cyber attack. We go over social engineering and examples of these threats. We also discuss cyber security and online safety. 

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